Workshops and Consulting

Workshops and Consulting Services for Businesses and Affiliates

Are you interested in learning more about the profitability of ATMs within a store, business, commercial location, special event or festival?  Have you considered the opportunity of investing as an Affiliate of the ATM Lady to develop your own profitable network of ATM clients?

The ATM Lady, Teresa Wilson, is one of the most experienced ATM purchase, service and investment experts in the Midwest.  Teresa has established her own extensive network of ATM clients and can help you to learn more about adding an ATM to your retail store, convenience store, business, commercial building, special event or festival to increase profitability and opportunity while leveraging the flow of people around your business, property or event.

We provide workshops for business owners who want to learn how to take advantage of what will become the most profitable space in your business.

Learn How to Become an ATM Affiliate

Our workshops help to you learn all you need to know about the financial opportunity and reward associated ATMs.  Discover the profitability associated with ATM transactions and the opportunities which exist for those who wish to develop a viable business model providing income 24/7 – even while you sleep!

In our Affiliate Program workshops you will learn how to generate a substantial return on your investment, while limiting your risk and exposure as it relates to each separate ATM location.  Learn how to take advantage of opportunities with a low up-front investment which generate measurable cash flow and high returns on your initial investment or lease/rental.  Learn about the ATM Lady’s proactive and ongoing service and maintenance for your ATM network, and how this turn-key investment opportunity can help anyone to quickly develop a profitable business model.

ATM Acquisition, Service and Placement Consulting

Are you concerned about the placement of ATMs within your existing business?  Are you concerned about the existing level of service provided for your network of ATMs?  The ATM Lady provides consulting services on an hourly basis for those who require expert advice and insight into any aspect of ATM placement, acquisition or service.

Contact the ATM Lady for Consultation or Workshop Availability

Are you interested learning more about the ATM Lady’s workshops and our Affiliate Program?  We invite you to contact us or call (502) 609-6496 to learn more about our expert ATM placement and services, affiliate programs and acquisition strategies and how we can help to create the most profitable space in your business.