Buy Lease Rent an ATM Louisville KY

ATM Lease Rent or Purchase

Purchase Lease or Rent an ATM

Should you purchase, lease or rent an ATM for your business, location or special event?  Special events and short term projects such as conventions or festivals are perfect for our rental program or mobile ATM services.  But what about most long-term applications?  What is the best option for your retail store, convenience store, business or property?

If you have the available cash to invest in an ATM a purchase may be the best option for you.  Leasing and rental may provide more flexible options for those who would like to leverage the profitability of the space they could dedicate to an ATM while allowing the income it generates to cover the cost of its placement.  In most cases with only 2 or 3 transactions a day you can easily cover your lease or rental payment while earning substantially more than that payment in profit each month.

Leasing or Renting an ATM is Easy with the ATM Lady

We have new and pre-owned ATMs to meet the needs of any business owner or event planner who wishes to provide additional convenient services for their own customers while maximizing monthly profitability.  We have a simple application to complete and approval happens quickly!  Once approved we will install your ATM and provide ongoing service to keep your investment working 24/7.

How Can I Make Money through the Purchase, Lease or Rental of an ATM?

Making money through the purchase, lease or rental of an ATM is easy with the ATM Lady!  You earn a percentage of each transaction at your ATM(s) – even while you sleep.  The percentage of your fee revenue may vary based upon the nature of the transaction, the location and the surcharges associated with each transaction.

You have full online access to transaction reporting and fee generation 24/7 and in real time.  It is easy to track the volume of transactions at your location and the profit your ATM is generating for your business.

Contact the ATM Lady for Expert ATM Acquisition and Placement Analysis

Are you interested in the purchase, lease or rental of an ATM for your business or event?  We invite you to contact us or call (502) 609-6496 to learn more about our expert ATM placement and services, affiliate programs and workshops and how we can help to create the most profitable space in your business.