Profitable ATM Affiliate Program Louisville


Are You Interested in Investing in ATMs as an Affiliate?

The ATM Lady is one of the leading regional experts on ATM sales, lease and rentals and supporting services.  We know where the best placement for an ATM within any business, location or event to generate the highest amount of transactions and profit possible.

As an Affiliate of the ATM Lady, you may purchase, lease or rent ATMs and develop your own network of clients.  Discover the profitability associated with ATM transactions and the opportunities which exist for those who wish to develop a viable business model which provides income 24/7 – even while you sleep!

Full ATM Products and Service Partner

The ATM Lady will help you to develop a successful program which generates a substantial return on your investment, while limiting your risk and exposure as it relates to each separate ATM location.  This form of investment is ideal:

  • Low Acquisition Cost
  • Transactional Revenues Easily Cover the Cost of Investment
  • High Return on Investment
  • Low Risk Based on Isolated Units

We provide proactive and ongoing service and maintenance for your ATM network, making this a turn-key investment opportunity.

How Can I Make Money through the Purchase, Lease or Rental of an ATM?

Making money through the purchase, lease or rental of an ATM is easy with the ATM Lady!  You earn a percentage of each transaction at your ATM(s) – even while you sleep.  The percentage of your fee revenue may vary based upon the nature of the transaction, the location and the surcharges associated with each transaction.

You have full online access to transaction reporting and fee generation 24/7 and in real time.  It is easy to track the volume of transactions at your location and the profit your ATM is generating for your business.

Contact the ATM Lady to Learn How to Earn Substantial Profit as an ATM Affiliate

Are you interested learning more about the profitability associated with becoming an Affiliate of the ATM Lady?  We invite you to contact us or call (502) 609-6496 to learn more about our Affiliate Program, expert ATM placement and services, and workshops and how we can help to create the most profitable space in your business.